Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Center for New Beginnings has put all group therapy on hold at this time. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update parents as soon as we feel it is safe to have our skills groups again.

ABA Therapy can also be used in a group setting, helping children learn to communicate appropriately with others and increase their social skills while also making friends. The goal of social skills group therapy is for children to gain skills in social interaction, joint attention, having fun together with others, problem solving together, and learning to handle the challenges of social situations at school, extracurricular activities and at home. Group therapy is also often done in conjunction with 1:1 therapy so that children learn how to use the 1:1 skills that we teach in their individual therapies and relate them to others. Some of the topics taught and experienced during social skills group therapy include:

  • Understanding emotions
  • Expressing emotions
  • Taking turns
  • Engaging in activities with others
  • Initiating interactions such as play and conversation
  • Problem solving
  • Managing adequate coping skills and self control
  • Responding to interactions from others

If you are interested in starting group therapy with your child, please go to the main services page and fill out our inquiry form. We will contact you shortly and, if space is available, begin the intake process.