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Occupational Therapy


What is OT?

We Evaluate & Assist people to conduct daily routines and live their life to their fullest.

Providing tools of support for a variety of difficulties and delays Available for those 3 years to young adult.


How does OT work?

Evaluation process determines the need for OT and together we develop a plan of care

Not as structured as ABA, needs to be adaptive per child to work on individual needs. For example, self care such as getting dressed, taking a shower alone or 

OT meets with child 1:1 for about an hour a week.

Where are the Services?

Currently offered at all three ciinics.

Insurance and sliding scale options are available. 


Fine Motor/Large Motor Skills
Eye Hand Coordination
Visual Motor Delays
Visual Perceptual Delays
Self Care Delays
Sensory Processing Difficulties
Decreased Strength
Decreased Range of Motion
Social Difficulties

in their own words

We’re able to try new things, and we don’t feel isolated anymore.” – Parent