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Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to those who make therapy affordable and accessible to our families.

Stories for Parents

Support our Direct Service Assistance program for children and adolescents with special needs who are unable to afford our reduced cost of services. Seven-year-old Mason* and his therapists worked hard for him to make progress in therapy, but he was still very much behind his peers. Dealing with a myriad of significant health problems, his parents’ focus of the first five years was keeping him alive. When he started ABA therapy two years ago, he had minimal ability to communicate, self-harm behaviors, no self-care skills, and limited desire to engage with people. Now receiving intensive daily therapy, he is gaining communication skills with a choice board, eating independently and at the beginning stages of toileting on his own. *Not his real name. When his insurance changed their criteria, Mason had to schedule an appointment with his psychologist, who was booked out for three months. This caused a lapse in approved coverage for several weeks. His family called in a panic. However, through the generous support of our donors to our Direct Service Assistance funds we were able to continue therapy for Mason.

in their own words

“My son has been coming to the Center for about four years. I have seen great progress in his communication skills and behavior. He can now follow simple directions and loves to interact with others. He looks forward to going to CFNB where he is welcomed by the energetic and caring staff. They not only fulfill my son’s needs, but also my needs as a parent by providing me with resources to keep him safe and help him learn. I have peace of mind knowing CFNB is there to help and provides a safe learning environment with compassionate employees to guide us along the way. – Parent