The Center for New Beginnings (CFNB) offers trainings to schools, early childhood development agencies, paraschool organizations, family and children services groups and foster families, churches and civic groups. Our trainings cover a variety of topics related to special needs and behavior management and can be tailored to meet the needs of each organization. Our goal is to bring awareness, access and action to those touching the special needs community. Trainings topics offered by CFNB:

● Autism – Overview Parents or Teachers
● Behavior As Communication
● Behavior versus Autism: Tantrums vs Meltdown
● Behavior: Classroom Management
● Behavior: Home Strategies
● Behavior: Preschool Development
● Children with Disabilities: Inclusion and Integration
● Verbal Behavior Training (ABA)
● Building a Special Needs Inclusion Program in your Church

Trainings can be set in hourly, full-day or week long workshops. Information covered in these trainings is determined by the time frame given for training, audience and number of participants. Cost of training is also determined is by length of presentation time and number of participants due to provided materials. All proceeds received from our training goes to support therapy services at the Center for New Beginnings where all children are served regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Contact us to schedule a training that fits your needs at 706-437-0505 or