COVID19 update (ongoing)- Center for New Beginnings is open at all clinic locations. Please call the main clinic for more information on our COVID19 response.


“I have learned so much but I always feel like I’m learning more and more from the Center. There was a time when we wouldn’t join in the activities with other children. He would scream non stop and throw things. Now he will play, run, and even encourage other kids to play with him. He still has struggles but it’s amazing how far he has come. The therapist works so well with my son, he has a great relationship with her. The staff goes above and beyond to help us in any way they can.”

Parent of CFNB

Vision Statement:  
CFNB is a Christian non-profit serving children and adolescents with special needs (behavioral, educational, emotional, intellectual, physical), as well as their families and care givers in the rural counties surrounding Augusta, Ga.  It is our mission to offer healing and hope to families in need through the provision of resources, services, and support to meet the challenges they are facing.



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