What We Do

Community Services:

* Shadowing and consultative services for daycare/preschool, church programs, and enrichment activities outside of the center in the community.
* Trainings and consultative services (community agencies/programs, daycares, churches, private and public schools).

Children Services:

* Intensive in-home behavioral/educational services for children with autism and related disorders
* Academic tutoring
* Special needs playgroup and home school children social groups.
* Licensed counselors for individual, social group, and family sessions.
* Interactive Metronome – a computer program used to build attention and motor skills
* All speech, occupational and physical therapies  –  are referred out to private providers, not CFNB staff.

Family Services:

* Lending Library and Resource Center
* Parent Support Group

Our Guiding Principals

All Center employees seek to fulfill the call of Christ to serve those in need.  It is our belief that He is the source of all healing and hope. We hold true the belief that all things are possible through Him, and seek Him daily in meeting the needs of our clients.


In meeting those needs we seek to represent Him by:

* Helping families to know they are not alone and isolated within our community.
* Valuing parents and caregivers for their efforts, understanding and knowledge of the child’s needs.
* Listening compassionately to our client’s needs, seeking to provide or connect with needed services and resources.
* Making available services regardless of finances or geographic location.
* Helping parents and care givers meet the unique needs of children to enable them to reach the highest possible potential within the community.
* Providing a bridge between the family and service providers, thereby creating a unified team approach to service.

The Center for New Beginnings seeks to serve everyone, and doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, ethnic background, age, physical disabilities or religious backgrounds.